How to Stop Squeaky Shoes


Squeaky Shoes

Is there anything more annoying? The kids excitedly tear into a box of new school shoes or school sneakers, get them on their feet, and ‘squelch squelch squelch’ – squeaky feet syndrome. Or, even worse, it happens to a pair of their old favourites too. Let’s prevent any potential schoolyard or classroom embarrassment with our top tips for helping to prevent or stop that squeaking noise altogether.

Why are the shoes squeaking in the first place?

Usually caused by air or moisture, whether it’s new shoes getting used to being worn or older shoes that are worn heaps. Often its two different parts of the shoe rubbing together. We’d recommend doing this at the weekend so the shoes have time to dry out and absorb any of the cleaning materials you’re using to stop the squeak.

Most of the tips need a bit of assistance with regular things found around the house like talc or newspaper.

Tips for stopping the squeaking

Popping a bit of conditioner on the upper of the shoe, a product like our Sneakerlab Leather Care is ideal. Make sure you’re also rubbing the product into little creases on the sneakers too.

A household staple like talcum powder sprinkled under the insole/sockliner can help to absorb a little bit of the excess moisture and reduce any areas with high friction. Let the powder set overnight and tap out the access in the morning.

Hack: Pop a bit of talc onto the shoelaces or anywhere there’s some extra rubbing.

When the shoes are drying, insert some balled up newspaper into the inside of the shoes and leaving them to drying in a place like an airing cupboard can help to remove any excess moisture that’s sticking around.

Wearing them in can also help, sometimes new shoes are just not used to having feet in them. Get them on the kids feet and down on the playground for a good old road test, so they can be bent and stretched a little.

There you have it, hopefully our tips can help alleviate any issues you might have with squeaking noises in your kids footwear.