How to prepare for the first day of kindergarten

Preparing for Kindergarten can be daunting for you and your little one but not to worry, follow this simple 3 step guide to ease the process and put you and your new kindergartener at ease. It’s never easy jumping into a new routine, environment, or phase of life because as we know, change can be scary BUT there are ways to make change easier, we promise. We often hear people saying “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” but prepping can be hard. We’re not all the Marie Kondo’s of organisation so here’s some easy tips, tricks, and steps to be the most authentic parent/guardian you can be whilst prepping your kid for kindergarten.

First things first, start the conversation and keep it going. Starting Kindergarten is a milestone for your little one so getting them used to hearing about it, amping up the excitement and importance will work in your favour. Your words can be the reason a child feels comfortable, confident, and prepared for this next step in their life so keep the conversation positive and relatable. You know your child better than anyone and they most likely feel the closest to you, so your opinion and words matter to them.

What to say – Let your child know that when they start kindergarten, you’re going to drop them off, they’re going to play and learn with their new friends and then you’re going to pick them up

Why – They need to know that they’re not alone and they’re not being stranded at a new place they’ve never been to before. Let them express if they have any fears or concerns about starting Kindergarten.

Whatever your morning routine currently is with your child, preparing for it to be more chaotic may be of your benefit so prioritising organising you and your child is going to be a lifesaver. To start, get your little one involved in organising and picking their outfits for kindergarten the night before. This lets your child feel accomplished as they become problem solvers when working out what top, bottom, and footwear to rock at kindergarten. Once they get into this routine of being allowed and encouraged to pick their outfits, they start to develop a growth mindset, which is essential for Kindergarteners.

Picking outfits can be hard, even for us so we’ve curated a list of items that might help:

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Most importantly, footwear. What shoes they’re in will determine if they can keep moving throughout the day.

Top 5 shoes brands for girls

  1. Skechers Shoes for Girls
  2. New Balance Shoes for girls
  3. Nike Shoes for girls
  4. Vans Shoes for girls

Top 5 shoes for boys

  1. Skechers for Boys
  2. Nike Shoes for Boys
  3. Reebok Shoes for Boys
  4. Converse Shoes for Boys

    Picking items that’re easy to master putting on, like a Crocs sandal or a Velcro Skechers runner give your little one that sense of achievement. Simplicity is key and allowing them to freely express their style will create an independent thinker.

    Lastly, enjoy the process and accept it to be what it is. Accepting scenarios that aren’t of nature to us are difficult, but this is a time for you to get to know your little one even better. Kinder is time away from them but at the end of the day when you reunite, you’ll hear about their day, their friends, their favourite activity, their moods, foods they loved and foods they hated. You’ll begin learning things about your child the more they’re exposed to exciting new things, new challenges, and new people. This sets you up to understanding their social skills, motor skills and behavioural skills and discover what they need inside and outside the home.

    We hope this has helped put you and your little one at ease for kindergarten. Go ahead and get your child’s feet measured and start enjoying the process.