Best Shoes for Daycare


Whether your little one is just starting out in their first weeks in daycare or they’re a bit of a seasoned pro – finding the right kind of daycare shoes can be like finding a needle in a haystack. You need something that’s sturdy enough to last for both outdoor and indoor play, but you also need something that’s comfy enough when they’re running around on their feet for the whole day. Explore our choices below for our choice of daycare shoes – whether they’re taking first steps or they’re in the toddler and kindy rooms.

Daycare Shoes for Babies

If they’re not walking yet, it’s not overly recommended by your educators that your little ones wear shoes, however, socks are a must – the onsies with the fold overs on the feet, just won’t cut it, so you’ll be expected to make sure that your little one is wearing socks. It’s also recommended that you pack a couple of extra pairs because, things get very lost at daycare! Explore our range of socks – that also include some bundle deals.

If they’re taking first steps, look for shoes that are offering support underfoot, as they’ll likely be doing lots of tumbling down and taking minimal steps, so its important to make sure little feet are protected.

Daycare shoes for toddlers

Toddlers never stop, and whether your daycare is running sports sessions, cooking classes or even music classes for your little one, finding some comfy sneakers is recommended so that they feel supported and comfortable no matter what activities are thrown at them. We love Toddler New Balance and Toddler Puma options – they are easy to clean, comfy, versatile and match most outfits (great for using at the weekend too).

Daycare Shoes for Summer

Most daycares will not allow for open toe shoes or sandals, so we recommend investing in some Classic Crocs (just check your daycare centre allows them before purchasing). So many colours available too! Team them with socks for ultimate fashion cool, but to keep little feet warm on those cooler summer days.

If you’re looking for lightweight sneakers for summer, opt for something like a Skechers Toddler Shoe – with easy on-easy off straps and mesh uppers – stays breathable in warmer weather, will keep them feeling comfortable and running around all day.