Best School Shoe Brands 2024

Check out our favourite picks of the best school shoe brands for both formal and sporty wear, from maths lessons to the playground and everything in between. Our favourite school shoe brands include:


Known for super sporty styles, perfect for both PE and for more relaxed classroom environments, our range of adidas school shoes include the Tansaur Sport.


A favourite in the PE world, alongside their adult counterparts, these sneakers come packed with some serious gel-tech and can support even the biggest playground zoomies (and athletics class). We have a lot of love for the GT1000 and Kayano ranges. They even make great netball shoes too.


A timeless classic worn on the feet of schoolkids for decades and decades – but don’t let their heritage fool you. Clarks’ school shoes are designed to be understated but also offer all the support your little ones need. Created to bend and flex in motion with growing feet, there’s a reason Clarks are a mainstay of Back To School. Whether it’s lace up or self-fastening styles, the Daytona and Blake styles are a family favourite.

Dr. Martens

Add some toughness to their 2024 school season with Dr. Martens footwear. Available for kids of all ages, the 1461 is constructed from premium leathers and should be appropriate enough as a formal shoe for most uniform requirements.


Not just purveyors of Light Up Shoes, Skechers are renowned for created epic School Shoes in uniform friendly black and white colourways. Some silhouettes offer a truly versatile choice doubling up for classroom and PE lessons, whilst there’s options like the Mary Jane Bikers – Always Perfect with super comfy air cooled memory foam, there’s also cult favourites like the Dynamatic available in multiple colours.


Get the kids bouncing ‘Off the Wall’ with our range of Vans School Shoes. If their school uniform requirements are a bit more relaxed the hybrid casual and skate shoe options from Vans are a great alternative. The all black leather Old Skools ooze cool.