What you need to look for when buying school shoes

What you need to look for when buying school shoes

Finding the perfect pair of school shoes can be a minefield to deal with when it comes to back-to-school season. Whether it’s their very first day of primary school or they’re heading into a new year of high school, you probably still have questions when it comes to finding the best fitting school footwear.

Check out our tips below to help you know the things to consider when you’re buying school shoes:

  • The school uniform guidelines

  • Budget

  • Make sure they fit well

  • Fastening style

  • Your favourite brands

  • Accessories!

School uniform guidelines

Make sure that you are fully up to speed on the schools’ uniform requirements and policy. Some schools have strict footwear guidelines whilst others are more relaxed. You might even find that there’s specific colours required for PE lessons too, so before you head out to buy something, check through in detail what is needed for the year ahead.


Make sure to factor in budgets for what you’re able to spend on school shoes this year. Here at The Trybe we have a variety of school shoes across a whole spectrum of price points, so we are sure to have something to cater for your intended spending levels.

Finding the perfect fit

With formal school shoes reportedly having an expected shelf life of just 6 months, we highly recommend booking in a shoe fitting appointment with our instore team of experts. They will be able to guide you through finding the perfect pair and making sure your little one has the correct shoes on day one of school. Our sessions are one on one and last around 15 mins.


Research fastening styles

Finding the right kind of fastening style for your kid’s school footwear needs to align with how your children take their shoes off and put them on. Not yet tying laces? Focus on self-fastening (or hook and loop). We sell a choice of school shoe fastenings here at The Trybe, including:

  • Lace up

  • Self-Fastening (Hook and Loop)

  • Slip On

  • Mary Jane/T-Bar

It’s worth referring to the school uniform guidelines too, as some might have strict guidelines on fastening types.

Find their favourite brands

We stock a great choice of school footwear brands here

at The Trybe that we are sure your kids’ favourite is here. We recommend doing some prior research online before heading instore so you can be fully informed of the brand you might be looking to purchase. Whether it’s more formal styles or you’re looking for PE, or you have a Nike obsessed kid, we’ve got all their regular favourites here.

Some of our top school footwear brands include:

  • Nike

  • Asics

  • Dr. Martens

  • Skechers

Add-on the school accessories

Help them wear in their school shoes quicker with our range of socks for kids. Whether

it’s a pair of performance socks for PE or it’s a pair of crew socks for the classroom, we have a great range of socks that caters for all ages from prep up to primary in uniform appropriate blacks and whites.