Kids summer sandal edit

With Summer approaching in Australia sooner than we can prepare for it, finding comfortable and trendy sandals for your children we’re sure are on your list of things to do. There are so many options out there so finding perfect fit and style of sandal for your little one can be hard but not to worry, we’re here to help. Whether your child is fussy or easy going, we know what shoes children have on their feet can make or break their day. Check out our opinions, suggestions, and curated list of top picks for sandal brands and styles to get your little one through those hot summer months.
Firstly, what should I look for?
There are a few things to look for when trying to find the perfect sandal for summer. Firstly, think about what the occasion is? Does your child need them for the beach, sports, at home or a casual outfit? Once that’s determined, figuring out what will be most comfortable for your child is essential. If you need to keep your little one on their feet for extended periods of time or they love to run around and play, then going for CROCs or a NIKE SUNRAY might be your best option. Both brands have lightweight, comfortable, and breathable sandal styles that can be incorporated into any summer day.
Why is comfort make a break when it comes to sandals?
We’ve all seen a child throw a tantrum over their uncomfortable shoes and rip them off but there’s nothing more comfortable than a pair of sandals or slides and that goes for us adults too. Comfort is key when it comes to sandals, so going for a brand such as Crocs that provides just that (and more) is a good and beneficial option. If you have ever previously bought Crocs for you or your child, then you’ll know the amazing features they have.
So, what’re the pros and Cons of Crocs?
  • Lightweight – easy to run around, walk OR crawl around in
  • Comfortable (of course) = because the material is lightweight, it’s designed to mould to feet.
  • Waterproof – good for waterpark, pool, or beach days throughout Summer as the holes in the shoe allow water to drain easily.
  • Breathable – works well for those hot days to keep your child’s feed cool
  • Easy to clean – we know kids love getting things dirty, so this easy to clean design makes your life easier. Simple soap and water combination is all you need to maintain the crocs.
  • Multiple colourways and pattern options – a colour or pattern for everyone’s preference
  • Simple to put on – these make it easy to rush out the door because your little one can slip these on themselves
  • You can add JIBBITZ™
  • Kids love them (and so do we! Like we really, really LOVE them)
  • You’ll become addicted to buying them in every colour (we see absolutely nothing wrong with that…)


This style of Nike Sandals is loved by so many – and there’s a reason why! The features of the sandal are the perfect summer shoe for kids. From the total toe coverage to the outsole traction, outdoor play shoes have never been better. The Velcro on the side of the shoe makes it easy for your child to slip on and off if needed or adjust themselves. The most notable feature for this style is the cut outs that promote air flow – because who likes having hot feet? Not your child that’s for sure. Wherever their summer day is taking them, let them be comfortable with every step they take.

Here are our official top pick brands for sandals this summer:


We hope the latest trends for Kid’s Sandals are now easy to navigate for you! Go ahead and get your child’s feet measured and start sandal shopping for summer.