The Trybe x the Children's Tumour Foundation

The Trybe is proud to be partnering again with the Children's Tumour Foundation to help shine a light on Neurofibromatosis (NF).
May is NF awareness month. Help us support CTF Australia by purchasing a tax-deductible NF awareness ribbon in-store for $5 during the month of May.
What is NF?
Neurofibromatosis (NF) refers to a group of rare and complex genetic conditions that cause tumours to form in the body and can lead to a range of significant health issues such as deafness, blindness, physical differences, bone abnormalities, learning difficulties, chronic pain and in some cases, cancer.
NF can affect anyone regardless of ethnicity or gender, and roughly half of all cases arise in families with no history of the condition. NF affects 1 in every 2,500 people in Australia, with millions impacted globally.
NF is unpredictable, progressive and there is no cure, but there is hope.
All donations go towards supporting CTF's connectivity and educational programs, including funding community days and educational resources within paediatric hospitals across Australia.It's a small but significant way to make a positive impact in the lives of those affected by NF.

How can I donate?
You can help spread awareness of NF during the month of May by purchasing a $5 tax-deductible ribbon in any The Trybe store across Australia. Your donation also receives a customised ribbon with your name on it to be presented on the wall of your local The Trybe store.
Find your nearest The Trybe store HERE.

Want to donate online?
You can donate directly to CTF via their website HERE. Consider putting together a team to step, stride, ride or roll in CTF's 'Steps Towards A Cure' challenge to raise funds for life-changing NF research. You can get involved HERE.

Make sure to tag @the__trybe and @ctfaustralia in your photos and videos of you shining a light on NF awareness this month!