Best shoes for PE lessons

It's almost Back to School season and finding the perfect sport shoe for your little one's PE lessons doesn't need to be a challenge. We're here to assist with finding a shoe that your child or teenager will be able to wear for 8 hours of their school day or be comfortable in their hour-long PE lesson. Even though comfort is key when it comes to PE shoes, there are a few other things to also consider. 


For schools that have no uniform policy with what colour shoe they allow, we've selected the top 5 colourful sneakers that'll get them through their PE lesson.

If the school uniform requires your child to be in all black or all white runners, not to worry, The Trybe stocks many options for you to choose from.

For all schools that allow/require students to be Sports shoes all day, you need to consider that these shoes will need to get them through every day – rain, hail or shine. Look for a versatile that will keep them dry on rainy days and offer great support to keep them moving throughout the day. The durability and stability of the runner are integral features because as we know, kids are notorious for having holes and rips in their shoes which can be found when they’re wearing a lighter mesh design or ‘flexible’ shoes with no support.


We hope you now feel confident with selecting the best school PE shoe for your child or teenager. Remember, organise all their Back-to-School essentials as early as you can. Head into one of our amazing The Trybe store if you need assistance with sizing or selecting the right shoe! Enjoy the process and we wish your kid/kids the best for the school year ahead.